Todd's 1 Mo Subscription Test

Can I get a 1 mo subscription to work?

Todds 1 month sub test

pick your base kit:
How many people is the kit for?

Adjust for the quantity of people then adjust any item quantities, pick one time or subscribe and save and that’s it!

Todds 1 mo subscription Test

adjust product quantities from recommendation

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(we will deliver the same order every 3 months, you can pause, or modify order at any time)
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Free Shipping

On any purchase of $50 or more we will cover the shipping costs.

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Safe and Effective

We make sure everything meets the quality germ and bacteria killing requirements that you need.

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Subscribe & Save

You can subscribe to recurring orders and save big while having product or kits delivered to your door on a regular basis.

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied in any way - we will refund you.