What are Hygiene Habits Everyone Should Have?

Personal hygiene is intimate and everyone has their ways of doing it. Maintaining and following a regular hygiene routine helps in reducing any illness or germ spread. The risk of medical conditions is also reduced when we maintain good hygiene practices.

Taking care of a basic hygiene routine will keep your close relationships healthy. It also brings positive impacts and builds a sense of self-confidence.

Since the onset of the pandemic, it has become essential to take good care of hand hygiene and body cleanliness. There has been a rise in the purchase of hand sanitizers and wipes, as people are concerned about cleaning and maintaining hygiene.

Let's understand some of the best hygiene practices that everyone should take care of in their day-to-day life.

Incorporate the best hygiene practices in your daily life

Good personal hygiene habits include some easy and less time-taking practices that can be followed with ease by even those who are too busy in work-from-home.

Hands with Soap and Water
Wash Hands if You Can or Use Sanitizer

Wash your hands at regular intervals: Doesn't it sound like the simplest thing to do? However, we still manage to skip it while we do our daily tasks. Washing your hands is effective in stopping the spread of germs. When you are at your home, you still run the risk of exposure to germs like when you take out the garbage, attend to a sick person at home, or even use the bathroom. These are the mandatory times to wash your hands properly or use antibacterial hand sanitizer immediately.

Make sure that you properly wash your hands for better results in these five effective ways mentioned below:

• Wet your hands properly and apply soap

• Lather your hands properly and do not forget the tips of your fingers

• Scrub your hands properly for at least 20 seconds and go up to your wrist

• After that, wash with clean water and pat dry your hands with a soft and clean hand towel

Maintain oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is very crucial to maintain when we talk about hygiene habits. Brushing your teeth twice, daily, and flossing them once a day will lead to healthy teeth and a bright and confident smile. Be sure to maintain regular dental checkups as well.

We all have incorporated the art of bathing and sanitizing ourselves during the pandemic. However, this should continue for our lifetime. These hygiene practices will benefit you long-term and avoid the spread of such risky diseases.

One of the downsides of not continuing to follow good hygiene habits is the return of colds, sore throats, and minor viruses. Dr. Aaron Glatt, CEO of Mount Sinai Hospital, states that getting back to normal "comes at a price."

A routine to follow your hygiene

Following a hygiene routine is the best way to carry out your hygiene practices. To remember and follow good hygiene practices, make a routine or create a checklist. This way, you will make sure that the checklist is ticked off of every necessary hygiene practice that is required.

Even if you are staying indoors, do not skip the best hygiene practices, as you will be more productive if you are fresh from the outside.

Pro tip: Keep hand sanitizer and wipes near you so that you can use them at regular intervals. Especially when you travel outside, these pocket-friendly sanitizing packets can be your travel companion.

Hence a good hygiene culture is built over time and should never be ignored!!