Protect Your Child with 4 PPE Essentials

With schools opening up across the nation, the biggest question parents are asking is what PPE essentials should you get your child? Personal Protection Equipment, or PPE, has become a household name ever since the Pandemic started causing lockdowns. With kids not fully understanding places the virus can live, it is best to prepare them with enough PPE to keep them safe in any situation.

Keeping A Portable Personal Size Sanitizer Gel

Sanitizer gel, or hand sanitizer, is one of the most effective ways to keep you and your child safe. Hand sanitizers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate home use and travel sizes. Adding travel-sized hand sanitizer single-serve packets in your child’s backpack can help them remember to always sanitize their hands before and after touching areas that may be touched by others.

Packing Sanitizing Wipes For Quick And Easy Cleaning

Sanitizing Wipes are another great PPE must-have as you can quickly and easily clean surfaces such as desks, door knobs, and any other items that may be touched by other kids. These can be found in travel size packages similar to baby wipes, making them easy to stuff into a backpack without taking up too much space. They can also be used to clean school supplies if being shared between students.

Stay Prepared With Extra Face Masks

The CDC has recommended that you wear a mask in public settings when you are around people you do not share a household with. As an adult, you may have forgotten your mask at home many times, so you can only imagine how hard of a time a child may have keeping up with theirs. Sending your kid to school with extra masks can assure that even if they lose one, they will have a backup to keep them protected. Not to mention, being able to give a mask away to a friend in need would be greatly appreciated.

Add Extra Germ Protection With Gloves

Lastly, adding in a set of gloves could give your child even more protection when at school. It will be important to teach your child the proper use of gloves when using them for germ protection to assure they are using them properly. This may be a PPE item best suited for those with older children as they will have a better idea on when to dispose of gloves to avoid cross contamination.