Is Applying Too Much Sanitizer Bad for your Hands?

Our elders have always pointed out the importance of washing our hands to avoid any infection or avoid getting sick. It has now developed into our daily habits too. Sanitization is crucial! Given that COVID is a raging fire, we must keep everything sanitized right from our hands, body, surroundings, to whatever we can. Supporting our busy lives, sometimes it is impossible to go to the washroom, just to wash your hands. Hence hand sanitizers & wipes came into action.

Perhaps, this justifies the fact the question一 is it safe to use a sanitizer? 一 trending over the internet. People are concerned, and with the rising fear of COVID and, subsequently, OCD, this question is relatively genuine.

Hand sanitizers have been our travel companions for a long time. Now becoming a part of our daily lives, sanitizers, when applied effectively, are people’s allies. Many leading professionals claim that there is no harm to your skin when it comes to hand sanitization. Hands drying, after sanitization, can be taken care of by proper moisturizing.

With the increase in different types of sanitizer, be it hand sanitizers with or without alcohol or pocket-friendly hand sanitizing wipes, it has proven that sanitizers are skin-friendly.

Thus, to establish a healthy and rumor-less relationship between you and a sanitizer, here are a few know-how's that you must acquaint yourself with.

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Stay Safe with Hand Sanitizer

How to apply sanitizer effectively?

Hand sanitizers are a popular hygiene option these days. Hence, it is imperative to know the proper application of sanitizers to gain maximum benefits. For the adequate application of antibacterial hand sanitizers, one needs to squeeze out a coin-size drop to cover both the front and back of the palm. Make sure to rub it in and around your fingertips. Having applied the sanitizer, let it dry, don’t wash it with water, for its effectiveness and positive results.

How much is too much?

With excess usage of hand sanitizer & wipes, we have seen questions coming up regarding its effects. Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based especially the ones we are using in the pandemic, it tends to dry out our hand skin. As advised by experts, 60 to 95% of alcohol-based sanitizers are effective for killing germs.

If your skin feels a little dry after using a hand sanitizer, feel free to moisturize it often to retain the moisture in the skin. If you are working at your office where there is any kind of frequent exchange of things amongst people, it is advisable to keep a good sanitizer or hand sanitizing wipes handy. When at home or experiencing a minor point of contact, you can use it at a difference of an hour or two.

How do you choose a suitable hand sanitizer?

Your choice matters a lot! It is quintessential to know your sanitizer and its elements. Look for a sanitizer, with a good percentage of alcohol, that helps kill germs and does not harm your skin.

With many brands coming in, wisely choose the one with the right amount of elements. Make sure your hand sanitizer’s brand is serving you with the best.

Homemade sanitizers are a big no-no as they might not sport the correct ratio of the required formula. It may lead to causing harm to your skin.

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Remain Safe with Hand Sanitizer

On-the-go sanitizers for you

These pocket-friendly hand sanitizers have become a significant part of our life. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth after immediate usage of the sanitizers.

Therefore, if you follow the necessary steps towards using a hand sanitizer, it will lead to no harm. Proper usage of the sanitizer at appropriate intervals will undoubtedly result in positive effects only, i.e., killing the virus out there.