6 Tips for Managing Anxiety in the Midst of a Pandemic

Pandemics can create extremely stressful situations and this one is clearly no exception. People are experiencing many problems, anxiety being close to the top of the list for many.

Let's check out 6 tips that can assist you in managing anxiety.

Eating Healthy

While you may think of anxiety as a mental issue, there can be a lot of other factors involved, one being an unhealthy diet. During the pandemic, you probably find yourself more at home than usual and this can often lead to finding easier, unhealthy options when feeling anxious.

Fresh Fruit on Table

Healthy and Yummy

You shouldn’t stress about eating as healthy as possible but keep in the back of your mind to simply include vegetables and fruit with every meal. And cut down on sugary and salty treats. Also drinking plenty of water and limiting your serving portions will help as well.

Staying Active

Getting your body moving can often be the single most effective way to get out of your head and into your body. Just about any form of physical activity can act as a stress reliever and it is important to change up your routine to make your workouts more engaging and fun.

Seeing positive physical changes in your body can really help boost self-esteem which is so crucial when helping combat anxiety.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation refers to a practice that can calm the mind and enhance self-awareness. This practice originated in eastern culture, but over the past few decades it has really blossomed in America as a therapeutic modality.

Mindfulness means to be aware of the present moment. It helps direct your attention away from thinking about what might happen and engage with the world around you. Crises like the pandemic have shown us that change is the only constant.

That’s why both meditation and mindfulness are important because they offer helpful ways to live in harmony with this constant change.

Social Media Distancing

Although studies show that humorous types of content on social media can help with your mental health, you should be aware that excessive use of social media can do more harm than good when it comes to anxiety.

With the absence of in-person human interaction, you may find yourself looking for any type of connection, which leads to more social media use. Contrary to belief, spending that extra time on viewing social media usually didn’t make you feel better or informed due to all of the misinformation out there.

Social Media Network Icons

Keep Social Media Usage to a Minimum

It appears that more and more people are flocking to social media as an outlet to let out anger and frustration, which then leads to it no longer feeling like a relaxing space. Everything is overanalyzed and this is most apparent with social media.

It’s all about moderation so you shouldn’t quit cold turkey unless absolutely necessary, but you will find that limiting your exposure to it can do wonders for your mental health.

Being Kind To Others

Sometimes the smallest of gestures can go a very long way. Checking in with friends and family to make sure they have what they need is such a positive thing because it shows that person that you truly do care.

Also think twice before you over-stock your supplies because by doing so might take away from someone who is more in need than you are for this safety net.

These small acts of kindness compound on each other and the benefits far outweigh the losses. It has been proven many times that there is a link between feelings of happiness and kindness.

Seeking Professional Help

Sometimes anxiety can get the best of us and we might feel like there is nowhere else to turn. You don’t need to do this alone so if you are ever experiencing this degree of anxiety, a professional is just what you need.

Woman waving at computer screen

Connect with a tele-mental professional

Whether you just need someone experienced to talk to, or some form of medication to help relieve anxiety, the best way to find a therapist is at ADAA.org (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). Telemental therapy has become widespread during the pandemic so you won't need to meet anyone in person if you prefer.


Anxiety is such an overlooked problem, especially during a global pandemic. Now more than ever you may be missing the constant personal interaction that you were used to pre-pandemic. At times you are not sure how to handle it. While nothing may have prepared you for this dreadful situation, these tips are sure to help you get through whatever anxiety issues you are facing.

And when you do venture out, don't forget to continue to follow simple safety precautions. Always have sanitizer with you, wear a mask, and avoid large crowds, especially indoors.