5 Ways to Stay Social While Social Distancing

With more and more people starting to work from home, this has led to many people becoming more and more antisocial. Below, we will explore 5 Ways To Stay Social While Socially Distancing during a pandemic.


1.  Using Video Chat Applications to Connect with Family and Friends

Video chat applications such as Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and more are all great ways to continue maintaining personal relationships with the ones you love. This can be important with grandparents or other elderly people due to them usually being more susceptible to health problems at this time. This also really plays into special occasions and holidays, which are some of the main instances throughout the year that the entire family gets together. Say for example you or someone in your family gets infected and can’t go out or travel. These video chat applications can give you that sense of belonging with the family even though you aren’t physically there.


Being a Part of a Community Helps you Stay Social

2.  Join a Facebook Community Group

There are a ton of social community groups out there on Facebook that cover just about any interest an individual could have. Being a part of these like-minded individuals in the community groups can give a sense of purpose and reassurance that you aren’t alone. These Facebook Groups won’t reach their full potential unless the moderators of that group do their job effectively. This is by ensuring things stay on track within the group rules such as maintaining on-topic conversations and reducing hate speech. If things like these aren’t moderated correctly then it can be a huge loss to informative discussions and positive discourse which will ultimately lead to less participation in the group.



Keep in Shape via Video Exercises

3.  Exercise Programs

While working out in a traditional gym might not be ideal during these uncertain times, there are a ton of ways to stay active and social. One way is by online exercise programs. One way could include a video chat between a group of people wanting to do the same workout together in the comfort of their own homes. This could greatly help each stay accountable for their health and keep their sanity by getting the human interaction they need. For others that are wanting to get outside for a bit then socially distance exercise is for you! Please maintain proper distance when workout out with friends and family when going on a hike, jog, etc.

4.  Online Gaming

For individuals who love competition, then online gaming might be for them! This could include things such as online console gaming like Xbox, Playstation, or PC; or could even be app-based gaming like “Word With Friends”. Words With Friends is very similar to scrabble in where you are presented with 7 letters each and have to use the board and other player letters to spell out words. Certain combinations give more or fewer points and this can provide social competition which is a highly underrated form of being social. People are craving competition and these outlets could be the perfect solution! Accomplishing an objective through online console gaming can give the players a sense of purpose and comradery which is highly influential for social interactions. What about if you are playing “Words With Friends” with someone and they spell out a funny word or made a move that would mean the difference between a win or loss? All of these little aspects of online gaming make for a fun and highly social application.

5.  Joining Live Events Together Online

Online Live Events are becoming more and more popular! Events like having a movie marathon together via Skype or Zoom or attending an online concert of your favorite band are getting more and more relevant. Another service that is gaining in popularity is called “Netflix Party” which allows you to watch Netflix shows together with a group of people. This also includes synchronized video playback and group chat and is a free service that only requires a Netflix subscription and Google Chrome. More and more companies are trying to figure out new ways to combat the loneliness that this pandemic has presented us so that we can continue to stay social while being socially distanced.



Technology has made it much easier to stay both social and socially distant from loved ones. These 5 Ways To Stay Social While Socially Distancing are sure to make your time at home much more bearable!