10 Ways Single-Use Sanitizer Packets Make Your Life Easier

While there are a variety of hand sanitizers out there, in some situations there is a chance of cross-contamination when various people use hand sanitizer bottles or dispensers. An innovative way to resolve this is to use individualized single-use sanitizer packets.

Here are 10 ways that single-use sanitizer gels will make your life easier.

1. Easy to Carry

Resolve the disadvantage of carrying bottles of sanitizer around with you. You can keep a stash of packs at home, in your glove compartment, on your desk at work, in your gym bag, inside your purse or briefcase, and many more places!

You can make sure that everyone in your life has a single-use gel and can keep the remaining packs in a safe place.

2. Easy to Use

If you’re away from home and there isn’t any soap or water available to wash your hands, no problem! Just take out one of your single-use hand sanitizer gel packs, snap it open onto your hands, cover all parts of your hands and let dry, and discard the empty pack.

If you’re a parent, these make it so easy to keep your kids’ hands sanitized on the go.

3. Perfect for Single-Use

These packets are made for single-use purposes in mind so as not to waste any of the sanitizer fluid. Once you completely use the packet, make sure to dispose of it properly. These packets make it easy to know how much to use, especially for your kids. Finish the packet and you’re done.

So easy to plan on how much to take with you when you leave the house!

4. More Sanitary

Unlike bottles of sanitizer where you and others constantly touch multiple parts of the bottle, individual use packets are more sanitary since one person touches them and then they are discarded.

No chance of cross-contamination!

5. As Effective as Traditional Sanitizer

The sanitizer in single-use gel packets contains the same ingredients as larger sanitizer bottles. They may be smaller but certainly not less potent or effective. Just more convenient!

6. Easy to Share

One of the biggest benefits of single-use sanitizer gels is the ease of sharing among others. Instead of sharing from the same bottle, you can just hand your friend an individual packet for their own use with peace of mind that they are fully sanitized.

You can use them for events at schools, businesses, and any public gatherings where you need to pass out hand sanitizer in an easy, sanitary way.

Made for Travel
Perfect to Take On Trips

7. Great for Traveling

Whether you are traveling locally on mass transit, in an Uber or Lyft car, or taking the train or plane or renting a car, on an away trip, you can be exposed to so many different people and make contact with so many surfaces. Having a single-use sanitizer gel pack handy will make all of these common occurrences much safer and easier to deal with, especially when a bathroom isn’t close by.

Individual Gel Packs are easier to carry from a security standpoint and use very little space in carry-on bags, wallets, and purses.

8. Eating Out Safely

Even with all of the new regulations such as mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines that restaurants have to follow, the customer is still left with much of the risk involved. Since you need to remove masks while eating, these single-use gel packs can be used in between courses and before you leave and put your mask back on with safe and clean hands. Remember to use if you need to use the restroom as well.

So easy to carry in your pocket or purse for quick use in any restaurant.

9. Medical Waiting Areas

While waiting to see your medical professional, you can be exposed to multiple people in somewhat smaller areas than you are probably used to in this time of social distancing. These single-use gel sanitizing packets are great for wiping down all of the common surfaces like doors, reception desks, and seats. While masks and social distancing are great to prevent the spread of COVID, you still need a line of defense for the direct contact of the surface and this is where these sanitizer gels come into play.

Office Workers Elbow Greeting
Keeping Safe at the Office

10. Office Settings

Oftentimes as an employee, we neglect our safety and tend to put customers first. With these single-use packets, employees are now able to ensure that their workspace is sanitized without the need for a bulky hand sanitizer dispenser taking up space on their desks. Keep these easily at your desk for you and your fellow employees or visitors to use. If you are the employer of a business, you can keep them in the reception area, the kitchen, break rooms, conference rooms, and supply them to your employees.


While all forms of hand sanitizer are a great cleaning practice, there is something even safer about having the personalized protection that single-use sanitizer gels give. These 10 ways that are listed above are just a few of the many reasons why these single-use gels make your life easier.