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Perfectly portioned packets! It's germ protection on-the-go! Everyone needs these in the back pocket, back-packs, back seats, and more.

Versatile bzk wipes for everyday germ killing. 99.9% effective.

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All the killing power you want from a wipe, yet gentle on
your hands.

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Convenient Protection Kits For Home, School, Office and Travel



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Hand Sanitizer-Sanitizing Gel-Trademark Brand x24
Protective 3-Ply Face Masks-PPE-Trademark Brand x10
Sanitizing Wipes-Trademark Brands x10
Protective Gloves-Nitrile non-Powder Gloves-Trademark Brand x50

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powerful peace-of-mind protection from bacteria and viruses

We know that you need germ protection products and solutions, whether for your family or business. It’s more than just hand sanitizer or wipes - but a total solution for effectively providing safety and security for those under your care. Our purpose is your peace of mind when it comes to killing germs.

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All the convenience of individual gel packs to take with you everywhere.

100 count container (2-pack)

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Alcohol-free wipes that clean and sanitize any time and anywhere.

80 count canisters (3-pack)

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Branded Hand Sanitizer

Pandemic or not, keeping healthy and safe should always be a priority. But finding hand sanitizer that doesn’t leave your hands feeling raw and dry isn’t as easy as it sounds. While most sanitizer brands are formulated to kill most germs, few are formulated to be gentle, hydrating and nourishing to your hands. On top of that, it can be difficult to find out where to buy hand sanitizer online. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our gel based formula to make sure that we had a hand sanitizer branded for efficiency, convenience and gentleness. For us, this meant a lot of additions and subtractions, a huge amount of testing, and long hours spent going back to the drawing board and thinking of ways we could do better. For you, it means that you now know where to get hand sanitizer that is easy to order online - even in bulk - and that makes your hands feel good throughout the day.

Our newest sanitizer product is called Snaperizer, which is available in the convenient size of single snap-open packets. Multiple uses from travel and work places to schools and homes. Easy-to-use packets perfect for backpacks, purses, pockets, car consoles, desks, carry-ons, luggage, ride services, reception areas, and so much more. We’ve made sure that you can be protected on the go, at home and in the workplace. And because we know that this protection should be readily available whenever and however you need it, each product can also be bought in bulk.

Of course, we didn’t just stop there. Trademark Brand wants to give you the full package. To go with our carefully formulated sanitizer, we’ve developed a range of other products that protect you, your loved ones and your colleagues. Our hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, protective masks and gloves are all available in customizable protection kits, so you can have exactly what you need, when you need it.